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Meet Legendaddy Rob

This video was filmed after his first month. As you can see a lot more has changed physically since then! But not only that his relationship with his wife is totally different, he goes for runs, walks, and workouts with his kids all the time. The increased confidence and fitness even helped him land his dream job! He continues to live a healthier & happy lifestyle more than 3 years after starting his life-changing Legendaddy journey.

Meet Legendaddy Brendan

Brendan is one of those dads who had a promising future in sports as a young man, but life and family took over as they tend to do, and he lost himself in the process. If you’re going to take care of everyone else you need to take care of yourself first. Today he’s a better example for his sons inside and out.

Meet Legendaddy Paul

Paul had moved his family up from Tasmania so his wife could be closer to her sister. He was unhappy about the state he had allowed himself to get to, but had been failing to change on his own. 18 months later and he’s changed his body dramatically, but more importantly he loves the gym, and has a network of motivated dads around him!

Meet Legendaddy Donnie

Like so many dads, Donnie could remember a time when he was in great shape… where he had success and plans for the future. But his world was turned upside down when he found out his wife was leaving him – and their 18 month old baby girl – behind. Donnie was a suddenly single full-time dad. He’d given up on himself and was focused solely on making sure his little girl had everything she needed. He left himself and his needs behind. He knew he couldn’t keep going like that, but he had no clue how to change. Then he found Legendaddy and everything changed.

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Meet Legendaddy Sascha

Before he started Legendaddy Sascha was genuinely afraid, due to a family history of heart attacks, that he would drop dead mowing the lawn one day and he wouldn’t be found until it was too late… (his actual words).

Sascha was part of our very first group over 3 years ago, and not only lost 8kg in his first 28 days, but continued to drop the weight after that shedding a total of 26kg (and gaining a whole lot of muscle).

He’s still part of the community today, and there’s a good chance you’ll get to meet him at one of the classes when you come along.

Meet Legendaddy Nick

So far, Nick has lost almost 40 kilos since starting Legendaddy in 2018. Here’s what he recently shared about his experience:

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