Why I think a lot of men struggle to spend money on their health.
In my time as a PT and the GC’s favourite “Daddy Coach” the most common objection I’ve heard from men is money.
But what we as men are really asking ourselves is…
“Is it worth it?”
Because I don’t think money is truly the issue.
The issue is always whether we think we’re going to get MORE VALUE in return for what something costs.
For example:
Let’s say you have $0 in the bank right now.
But I give you a once in a life time opportunity to buy a new $1,000,000 house for just 10K
And you’ve got 2 weeks to find the money…
I bet you’d come up with some creative ways to make that deal happen!
Because it’s clearly worth it!
Yet whilst most blokes would agree “You can’t put a price on your health and quality of life”
I think it’s easy to take our health for granted, because the value isn’t as clear.
We can’t see the difference being a fit and healthy dad can have on our kids growing up.
We can’t see all of the opportunities we might miss out on if we’re not in good shape inside and out.
And only when our health becomes a big problem do we appreciate it.
If we were really honest, I think the biggest reason we struggle to invest in ourselves is because…
We know it’s going to cost more than just money.
Nobody can hand us the health and confidence we want.
The real cost is the blood, sweat, and tears along the way.
It’s going to be hard work.
Even with a great coach and the best plan you’re still going to have set backs, and doubts.
You’ll have to become the kind of man that:
Gets out of bed when he doesn’t feel like it.
Says no to temptations.
And doesn’t let self-doubt or the negativity of others stop him.
And I think the hardest part is believing we can be that man.
But that’s the true value.
The new lifestyle, the self-confidence, and knowing we built ourselves despite our doubts.
Every investment we make in ourselves is us saying that we are committed to becoming that man.
And we’re not afraid to show it.